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    Who is Bravado Designs?

    Comfort. Quality. Innovation.

    Bravado Designs was founded more than twenty years ago by two breastfeeding moms who wanted to bring comfort, style and confidence to other moms. Tired of ill-fitting, boring bras, they created the perfect solution: The Original Nursing Bra in a totally fun leopard print. It was the start of changing women’s breastfeeding experiences for the better. Today, more than a dozen Bravado Designs are worn and loved by moms worldwide. We are one of North America’s most trusted maternity and nursing bra brands, helping moms find joy and comfort while breastfeeding.

    Our fundamental belief is that with comfort of body comes comfort of mind. Both are essential for breastfeeding success.

    It’s about YOU, mom!

    We know that making a fantastic nursing and maternity bra is more complex than just putting clips on your regular bra. That’s why making nursing and maternity bras is all we do and all we will ever do. We ensure it’s perfect, for you.

    Our mission: We work to support your dedication to breastfeeding your baby with the most comfortable and stylish nursing bras in the world.

    Bravado Values we live by every day

    As a mom you know that you can’t do it alone. We know that too. It’s only through great partnerships and teamwork that we can be a great company.

    In every challenge that we face there is an opportunity to make things better. Yes, we see the glass half full.

    Every baby is different, every mom is different and every one of us is different. By respecting and appreciating our differences, we achieve diversity…and that creates a wonderful workplace.

    We are accountable for everything that we do. It’s never about just doing what we’re told. We come to work every day with a strong desire to make our customer’s life just a little bit better.

    Good doesn’t cut it. We want you to have an amazing experience nursing your baby and we believe that we must set that same standard in all that we do to meet your expectations.

    Best of luck with your breastfeeding journey. We’re thrilled that Bravado can be a part of your experience.


    Tom Wolff
    - President, Bravado Designs, and proud dad of two wonderful teenage daughters who were breastfed by their beautiful mom, 15 and 17 years ago