Become a Test Wearer

    Become a Test Wearer

    Did you know that we test all of our nursing bras on real pregnant and nursing women? Whether we're designing new styles or continually improving our existing products, we depend on the feedback of our wear testers to make our nursing bras and tanks as great as they are.

    Our mission is to deliver the best-performing bras, tanks, underwear and breastfeeding accessories in the maternity realm, and to do that we need you! No one is more aware of how important fit and function are in nursing garments than pregnant and breastfeeding women, which is why we so greatly value your input.

    Interested in being involved? Read the details below.

    We are looking for pregnant and nursing women, in the Toronto area, to help.

    How to become a Test Wearer
    If you’re interested in being involved, submit your information in the form below. Should you be selected as a Test Wearer, you will be contacted to set up a date and time for a professional fitting. Please note that the ideal time for us to begin this process is from late pregnancy to eight months post-partum, although we do occasionally see moms still nursing their baby at the year-old mark. (Please note that we’ve chosen this time frame as it provides an effective window for us to test the performance of our nursing garments, since breastfeeding patterns tend to be frequent with baby, and breast size is still fluctuating.)

    What’s involved in a fitting
    The initial Test Wearer fitting includes a measurement session by a Bravado Certified Fitter. Our goal is to make sure you get the right fit. Our Fitters must be slightly ’hands on’ to accomplish this but they are always cognizant of your needs and what you’re comfortable with. We will walk you through the process.

    Testers will be fitted for a range of our products most applicable to their stage of pregnancy or nursing, and will have ‘headless’ photos taken while in our garments to be used for internal use only. Occasionally, other Bravado Designs employees (all female) may request to be present during your fitting, but this will always be done with your consent.

    Complimentary Gift
    As a thank-you for your valuable time and incredible help, we will provide you with a complimentary Bravado product of your choosing.

    Hope to see you as part of the program.

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