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First Pediatric Visit

It was important to me when selecting a pediatrician that he not only care for my babies, but that he support me and my husband in the decisions we make.

We felt funny doing it, but we were encouraged to “interview” potential pediatricians. When we “interviewed” the doctor we ended up selecting, in addition to asking questions about appointment length, vaccinations and emergency care, we talked with him about breast feeding. He was wholly in support of it, talking a lot about the benefits of doing so. He did say that sometimes it doesn’t work, and with two it can be more difficult. But he said he would stand behind us in whatever decision we made.

Our bundles were born at 33 weeks, and our pediatrician visited them in the hospital. Our practice’s neonatologist saw them every day they were in the NICU, and she reported back to our pediatrician about the gains they were making, especially in breast feeding. So once we saw our pediatrician in the office a few days after the babies were discharged from the hospital, he knew them well.

During that first visit the pediatrician was patient with us and answered our numerous questions about sleep, eating, and poop, and the babies seemed to like him. He also congratulated me on breast feeding, noting that the babies were gaining weight well.

By the time the appointment was over I knew I had made the right decision, and I left the office feeling confident.