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Feeding Routine

I think I can say now, at three months, that we have a bit of a feeding routine. This wasn’t always the case, and there were some rough patches, but these days we seem to be operating fairly well.

The most important part of the puzzle is having the support of my husband. When they first came home he was worried I wasn’t making enough milk for both babies, and he may have been right, as I was stressed, not eating well, and not drinking enough water. But then we got our game plan together, and since then we’ve been doing great.

During the night, depending on when he comes home from work, my husband will change each baby and then bring them to me to eat. If they’ve woken up at the same time I tandem feed, if the other is still sleeping when the first starts to eat, I do them one at a time. Yes, this makes for a longer process, but only by about 20 minutes.

In the morning, I will generally let my husband sleep a little longer and I will change and feed each baby – again, either feeding them together or separately depending on when they wake up.

And during the day, it’s typically me with them alone, so I’ve gotten into the habit of feeding them one at a time. But just as I say that, today their mid-day feed was a tandem one!

What I have learned most is the best laid plans must be flexible. And while I am keeping the babies on generally the same feeding schedule (within a half hour of each other), they might not always eat together.

And that’s okay.