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A Nursery We Can Enjoy Together

There are a lot of things that change quickly when your babies are born early. In my case, when my twins were born seven weeks early I hadn’t finished decorating the nursery yet. Thankfully we had the cribs put together, and the changing table and dresser were set up, but I didn’t have anything on the wall, curtains weren’t hung, and there wasn’t a rug. Equally thankfully, infants don’t notice those things.

We set up an iPod dock so we can either rock out to music as we use the changing table, or put on some soothing music of white noise for nursing and bed time. Sitting in there is quite calming. The room is fairly quiet and the time I spend in there with the babies nursing is 'our time.' There aren't any distractions of televisions, other people, or outside noise. It's a great escape and I'm glad we're able to enjoy it together.

We spent a lot of time talking before the babies came about whether we were going to invest in a glider or some other type of chair for the room.

We have a wooden rocker in there now. I don’t mind it. In fact, it’s pretty comfortable for me. Even for nursing. I just make sure not to rock while feeding. But my husband doesn’t enjoy it. He says it’s uncomfortable and he’d much rather something else in there.

For now I’ve been testing out friends’ chairs. I think what I’ve decided – four months after the babies were born – is I’d like a big cushiony chair, almost a love seat, but not quite that big, that could become part of our décor even after the babies stop nursing. It would be a good place to snuggle up with my little ones and nurse, or sing songs, or take a snooze.

I’m almost glad I waited. But now the challenge is finding time to go test out these chairs as I want to make sure to get it right the first time!