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Snacking For Three

Before I was pregnant I tried to eat three meals a day with a few snacks when I was hungry. When I got pregnant that didn’t change much. I still made sure to have a healthy breakfast, a good lunch, and a hearty dinner. In between I would snack on carrot or celery sticks, pretzels with hummus, cheese and crackers, or yogurt. Since I was pregnant over the summer there were also several popsicles and bowls of ice cream consumed.

Now that the babies are here, my eating habits haven’t changed too much, but when I eat has. I’m typically up with the twins between 6 and 7 a.m., so after feeding them I eat breakfast. That generally means I’m hungry again around their feeding at 10 a.m. What I have found myself doing is choosing snacks that I can eat one handed so we can all eat at the same time.

I might choose a granola bar or a string cheese stick. Sometimes I have almonds or dried apricots. Or perhaps celery or carrot sticks. But if I have a baby in my arms, dipping or using a utensil is difficult, so I go for the easy and yet still nutritious snacks. If I’m not holding a baby I will indulge in pretzels with homemade hummus (it’s super easy), a yogurt, or perhaps chips and salsa.

If it sounds like I only eat healthy snacks, good. I’ve fooled you! Since the birth of the babies my sweet tooth has kicked up a notch. Maybe it’s my body needing the extra sugar to keep going since it’s my only vice (I don’t drink coffee)? But I make sure to throw in my fair share of gummy worms, bowls of ice cream, and pieces of chocolate.  All in moderation, of course.

So far the babies seem to like the snacks I’ve picked as much as I do!