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Singing With My Babies

Having my babies smile and giggle are some of the happiest moments. So like most parents, I do whatever I can to get them to show me their gummy smiles over and over. Often this includes singing.

By no stretch am I a singer, but they don’t know that… yet. I am also not one for remembering song lyrics very well, just ask my husband. Instead, I make up songs. These are often silly songs about whatever we are doing – walking to the store, changing a diaper, listening to the dog bark. Whatever is going on.

I don’t set these songs to any particular tune, rather just what hits me as the words come out of my mouth. If you asked me to sing one again, it would be entirely different each time. But that’s what’s fun.

I love watching the babies react to these songs. Sometimes they even chime in with their own coos or screeches. Eventually I know I will hear them singing their made-up songs.

That’s when I know they really are their mother’s children.