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The First Time I Nursed Paul

Paul is my fourth child and second son. His labor and delivery was very routine, and pretty much a textbook unmedicated birth with little to no complications. (If you love birth stories like I do, here is a link to my personal blog Paul, you were born on a cold and windy night where I wrote about the event in detail).

I’m a laid back kind of girl in general, and my birth plan followed suit. My list of requests were short, and at the end of the day, I just wanted was to do what was best for my baby. One of the main things I desired was to nurse him the within the first few minutes after he was born, as I had read somewhere that immediate nursing was a great way to start the bond and develop a healthy nursing relationship.

While Paul’s labor was around 8 hours start to finish, the time from when his water broke to me pushing him out lasted only one contraction, less than 5 minutes. My doctor broke my water, and within one push he was out, it was a pretty intense few minutes to say the least.

Because he came through the birth canal so very fast, he was born with a considerable amount of fluid in his belly and lungs. You know that loud newborn wail that all babies make upon entering the world? Paul really didn’t do that, he couldn’t because of the fluid.

So instead of nursing right away, Paul was immediately whisked across the room to be aspirated and to essentially burp the fluid out. This might sound concerning, but I was assured that these kinds of things happen all the time, and there was nothing to be worried about.

Within about 30 minutes, Paul was doing much better and was ready to nurse and be cuddled for the first time.

I tread with caution, but I’ll admit to being one of the lucky ones. Right from the start, Paul nursed like a true champ. He latched on immediately, and within minutes fell asleep at the breast.

Holding Paul for the first time, being able to tuck him in my gown and bring his tiny little squishy face to my breast ranks right up there as one of the best mommy moments ever.

It’s a moment that nobody else but me, his mother, will ever be able to experience.

Photo by Casey Mullins: