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First Smiles and Belly Laughs

If you've ever parented a newborn, you probably know firsthand how very (VERY) exhausting each and every day is. And while I can only speak for myself, those first few weeks feel like all work and no play.

But fortunately, it gets better. SO BETTER! The light at the end (or is it beginning) of the tunnel starts when you catch out of the corner of your eye, a real life genuine smile.I know you know exactly what I'm talking about. The moment you realized your baby is looking right at you. Not mindlessly gazing past you off in the distance, but seriously racking your every move with his beautiful set of bright blue eyes.

Communication in the form of a genuine grin. Honestly, I LIVE for these sweet, sweet first precious moments. Where nothing else seems to matter, and all that hard work and sleepless nights finally feel like a distant memory.

Even better yet? When he finally finds his voice. It might start off with a coo every now and again, possibly even a scream or screech that's not really a mad or angry scream, but more of a "look at me, I'm over here! Can you hear me now?" type voice.

And when that little voice turns into a giggle, you will fall in love all over again. It will feel like you cashed in all your chips and hit the motherload jackpot.

My baby Paul is very ticklish. I'll admit to administering daily tickle torture techniques on him almost every night while we relax on the sofa together. His tickle spot is right under his little baby chin, which is also the softest part of his little baby body.

A few nights ago, when Paul was really laughing hard, I had my husband whip out his phone and grab the moment on video. And while the recording is rough and the lighting definitely sub par, I'm so glad we were able to capture the moment forever. Because honestly, baby belly laughs have to be one of the most perfect sounds known to mankind.