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Oh the Places, You’ll Pump

I'lll be the first to admit that while I love breastfeeding Paul, I don’t love breastfeeding him in public. I’m not ashamed of breastfeeding, I’m just very modest and  perpetually worried that I’m going to flash or offend a stranger.

If I know I won't be breastfeeding Paul at home, I will make sure to leave the house properly dressed and with all the supplies needed to make it as easy as possible. I will typically wear a Bravado tank, and layer it with a flowing shirt. I will also make sure to have a muslin swaddling blanket to drape over myself while he nurses. As long as I’m dressed appropriately and have a lightweight swaddling blanket, I’m good to go and feel confident to feed Paul wherever we may roam. 

But this past weekend, instead of breastfeeding Paul in public, I found myself pumping in unlikely places and situations.

You see, I left Paul for a few days while my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We left all four of our children with my parents, and enjoyed a few quiet kid free days.

I found out that leaving a 100% breastfed baby takes a bit of planning and organization. I pumped for days and weeks in advance, just to make sure I would have enough milk to last him the weekend. When I packed Paul for the trip, I included 15 bags of expressed breast milk (which he drank a whopping 14 of them), and a couple of bottles I knew he liked.

And of course, I took my breast pump with me everywhere I went, throughout the weekend away.

Wanting to keep my milk supply up, I pumped every three hours, regardless of where we were. In just 48 hours away from Paul, I pumped in some interesting places.

1.  Going down the highway.
2.  On the shores of Lake Michigan.
3.  At a beautiful vineyard picnic area.
4.  On the side of the road, while my husband changed a flat tire.

Fortunately, I was able to bag up and freeze all my expressed milk, enough to replenish my depleted supply from the weekend.

If I learned anything these past few days, it’s that even as a nursing mother, I can leave my baby for a few days with family. Of course having Paul close to me is always is preferred, but it’s good to know that sometime I can get away if I want to.

How about you? Have you ever breastfeed anywhere interesting or unique?