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Nursing Through a Heat Wave

It's hot outside, so hot. I live in central Indiana, and it's been in the upper 90's (sometimes in the low 100's) for weeks now. There is a mandatory ban on any and all outdoor watering, and I have friends who are taking their kids dirty bath water and transferring it on to their little backyard vegetable gardens hoping to salvage their meager crop.

It's a heat wave to say the least.

While in a perfect world I would stay in the air conditioning all day and never leave the house, it's summertime and my four (well, at least three of them) kids want to have fun and play outside!

Want to know my beat-the-heat summer trick?

Spray parks. Seriously, the splash pad is were it's at for the whole family.

You see, if Paul is awake, he wants to nurse and doesn't care if we're at home or if we're away. The spray park is brilliant place to play and hang out because I can sit in the shade nursing Paul; while the big kids run off all their energy in the cool water shooting from the ground. Oh, and spray parks in our city are free. DOUBLE BONUS.

But yeah, nursing a baby through a scorcher of a summer is tricky.

I  realized recently that I've been getting headaches (and maybe a bit irritable) in the late afternoons, and I've figured out that between combating the high temperatures and breastfeeding Paul, I get dehydrated more quickly than normal. Carrying around a cold water bottle has become a crucial part of my day.

And then there is the wardrobe situation. Typically, I love to layer my tops. But when it's triple digits outside, it just too hot for that kind of fashion! So instead, I've been wearing a Bravado's essential nursing tank, and simply draping a lightweight breathable muslin blanket over my chest for modesty when it's time to nurse.

I tell you what, I love summer just as much as the next gal. But breastfeeding in 100 degree weather is mostly the pits. Dare I say it, but I think Paul and I are just about ready for Fall to start. But oh, it's only mid-July....