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Pregnancy Habits Beyond Delivery

Pregnancy will no doubt change your body and forever change your life. But, the nine ten months of pregnancy can also cause some seriously odd habits or practices. Here are a few quirks that started during pregnancy but I’ve grown to love and appreciate.

Clothes without zippers. While I am SO OVER wearing my maternity clothes, I will miss the ease of elastic waist pants. And I’m not to proud to tell you that I often hold the baby when I go to the bathroom so being able to pull up my pants one-handed is quite convenient.

Sleeping with a body pillow. Somehow the practice of sleeping with a pillow between my legs didn’t leave with the baby belly. I still sleep with a pillow between my knees and I totally remember my mom doing the same thing. Plus, it makes resting on my side to nurse Max way more comfortable.

Coffee. I craved the taste of coffee with my last two pregnancies – coffee ice cream, decaf lattes, frozen coffee drinks, you name it and I had to have it. The pregnancy craving grew into a daily habit and, because my drinks are usually decaf, I’m not drinking for the caffeine!

Nightly Neighborhood Walks. Granted this isn’t particularly odd, but our family walks in the evening started as a half-hearted attempt to keep fit while pregnant. At the end of my pregnancy the nightly walks were a very serious attempt to induce labor. Now I wear Max on my chest instead of carry him in my belly and I like our walks because are outside, enjoying the neighborhood as a family of five.

Did you develop any odd habits or quirks during pregnancy that you appreciate even more after baby?