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5 Must Have Baby Registry Items

We didn’t have a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of baby Max because he was my third child. Truth be told, it would have made me feel uncomfortable so our friends showered us with meals and support after he arrived. But the lack of a baby shower didn’t stop me from creating a baby registry. I made one to organize my list of baby things I wanted, needed and purchased.

The needs of every family are different and every baby is different so my five must haves likely won’t be the same as someone else’s but here are the things we couldn’t live without.

Infant Car Seat. If you are on a tight baby budget (aren’t we all?), don’t skimp when it comes to your car seat. Purchase a new – not used, for safety reasons – car seat that fits your lifestyle. An infant bucket seat versus a convertible seat is totally a matter of preference, but I prefer the infant seat that you can remove from the car and take with you. Max is riding in the Cybex Aton.

Stroller. Whatever you do, don’t get a travel system just because the stroller matches your infant car seat. Invest in a good stroller that meets your specific needs and will last for years. Besides, many strollers sell an accessory to accommodate your infant car seat so you can create your own travel system. We’ve been using the Mamas & Papas Mylo.

Breastfeeding Accessories. Yes, breastfeeding is free (woo hoo), but there are some products that make it easier on mom. First, nursing bras! And I’m not just saying that because this is the Bravado blog. I simply can’t imagine comfortably nursing without a well-fitted breastfeeding bra. I literally spent the 24/7 of the few weeks of Max’s life in the Essential Nursing Tank. And, for the love of dry shirts, don’t forget to stock up on breast pads! Good nursing bras and breast pads are absolutely helpful and essential for day-to-day breastfeeding comfort.

While not essential, the breast pump equals freedom for many breastfeeding moms. The ability to pump and make bottles means mom can spend a few hours away from baby. There are pumps in all price ranges from single manual pumps to double electric pumps so find what best fits your needs and budget.

Baby Carrier. I have more babywearing devices than I care to admit, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. For newborns, I love using a wrap like the Boba Wrap, Max is currently totally into a sling (aka magic sleep machine) and as he grows we’ll get more use out of the versatile ERGObaby.

Swaddling Blankets. The art of the swaddle may take some getting used to, but it’s a skill worth mastering. Even if your baby is one of few who doesn’t sleep better in a swaddle, you’ll find the large lightweight blankets serve many purposes. From car seat sunshade to floor play area to lovey, muslin swaddling blankets serve many purposes. We have lots from aden + anais and Aura Weavers.

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