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Making Time for the Kids

Some days it feels like the most frequently used phrase is, “I’m sorry you’re going to have to wait a minute. I’m feeding Max.” It’s one of those horrible mommy moments where I have to, out of necessity, put one child’s needs over another. (Well, “need” is a strong word because it’s usually one of the older two asking me to prepare a snack!) But the truth is that the addition of one little body means dividing your time among more people. And it’s hard.

Max is not yet on a regular schedule and I think that lack of structure (coupled with the inherit lack of routine during the summer) makes planning my time nearly impossible. As such, I rarely go anywhere without the baby so one on one time with the older kids is fairly non-existent at this point. I really wish this wasn’t the case. I so love the special time when you can really talkand listen to your child. Obviously the stuff they say is often hilarious (like my 3 year old recently advising “I can help you, mom, because I’m so fashion.”) but my kids also constantly surprise me when they express mature emotional observations. Those moments are priceless.

We have some special little things we do with each child. My husband pushes my daughter in the jogging stroller on fairy rescues. I play card games with my son. My daughter “helps” me cook. My husband and son play games on the iPad. Those little moments are special and are usually organic and just happen. But I still want more. It’s worth making an effort to really prioritize and schedule more.

So, for me, the moral of this post story is that I need to make spending quality time with each child one-on-one a priority. It’s important for them, but it’s also good for me. As we work to create some sort of “normal” when school starts I am going to ensure our routine and schedule involves some special time for each child. Goodness knows they deserve it and more.