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Introducing Audrey McClelland: a Fresh Look at the Fashion of Bravado

For those of you following along at home, you know that here at Bravado we are passionately committed to supporting all mothers. For the past twenty years, we have strived to offer the highest level of care for all mothers. You see this in our product and you certainly see this in our community - we are all about support. This support often focuses on the more serious side of breastfeeding - from how to talk to your employer about pumping in the workplace, to negotiating and nourishing your baby in a public space, to breastfeeding through food allergies. And while we're extremely proud of the resources and community that has flourished to help women through these challenges - there is a fun side to all this as well - and that is fashion!

From our very first leopard-print nursing bra, our products have always combined fashion with function to provide women with the support they need - and the style they craved. We whole-heartedly believe that fashion does not have to be compromised just because one becomes a mother. So you can imagine our excitement to have one of the great voices of functional fashion - Audrey McClelland, founder of Mom Generations - guest blogging for us in The Breastfeeding Diaries.

A lifestyle and wardrobe expert and fashion editor at, Audrey is our mom fashion guru. She shares our passion for supporting both the woman and the mother. She gets how important it is for women to feel good about themselves during this new/exciting/challenging time in their life.

Further adding to the excitement Audrey will give away an Essential Nursing Tank prize package on - so be sure to check it out for a chance to win one for yourself.

Join me in welcoming Audrey. And look for her fashion savvy and insights as we launch an exciting array of new ENT colors in 2012.