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I Have Never Been Given So Much Advice In My Life

Advice... I love advice... I appreciate it when friends, family, my doctor and others in my life give me advice. I am usually very open to it and it makes me feel secure in a way because I know I am hearing from someone who has "been there, done that." One thing I can say about pregnancy is that people offer LOADS of advice. From the moment I announced I was pregnant, it just came at me from all directions and it can be overwhelming. May I just also add that a lot of the advice I get one from person contradicts that of another?!? Yeah. That can sometimes be tough.

Before pregnancy I found advice to be comforting, but now I find it to be very confusing! When I tell people that I plan to breastfeed, they have a lot to say about it. I have heard from women with positive experiences and others with negative experiences. I have been encouraged to pursue my goal of breastfeeding for one year and discouraged all in the same week!

  • My aunt told me that breastfeeding would be incredibly painful and difficult for a whole month at least. She said that my nipples would bleed and that the baby wouldn't be getting much milk at first. She said that I should supplement with formula to make sure he is getting enough.
  • My childbirth class instructor told me that breastfeeding with a correct latch would not hurt at all and that for the first few days, my baby would be getting colostrum and that there are plenty of nutrients in that. She said there is no need to supplement with formula unless he is losing weight.
  • My friend said that I should not, under any circumstance, give my baby a bottle of pumped breast milk during the first 6 weeks... something about nipple confusion?
  • My doctor said that I should nurse as often as possible to establish my milk supply and sleep while my baby sleeps. She encouraged me to eat a healthy diet and make sure my baby is eating every two hours even if that means waking him up to nurse. Yikes!
  • My friend from church said I should get a special bottle that looks like a breast to avoid confusion and so that my husband can feed the baby and bond with him. My husband wants to be involved in the feeding but he did think the whole "breast-like" bottle thing was a bit creepy. I happen to think it's kind of genius though.

What I have learned in the last nine months is that I still really do love advice. I am grateful for family, friends and just anyone who would take out the time to share their experience with me because let's face it – my life will never be the same! It's wonderful to know that people care and I know that the advice most usually comes from a good place. What I am still learning and hope to continue perfecting as a parent is how to take the advice I receive and then make informed decisions that are what I think is best for my child. I know that if I go into this with a positive mindset and as informed as I can possibly be, I have a greater chance at actually seeing it through. I have been hoping to go to a La Leche League meeting and get even more advice!

Only two weeks until my due date and I am getting anxious and excited to begin this journey.