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Our Man Behind The Milk

When I think about the past two months nursing my son – the ups and downs, highs and lows I have experienced so far and the success I have achieved there is one person, one face I always see in my mind… that is my husband. It’s quite simple… I could never have done this without him!

I am the one who comes from a big family; lots of babies in the family to take care of. I am the one who read all the books (though he did read an article or two) about pregnancy, parenting and all that good stuff. But when it came down to it and baby Aiden was here… I am the one who had to deal with the physicality of bringing him into this world. I am the one who had to live in bed for nearly two weeks and my husband was the one who had to take charge and take care of our baby boy.

He changed diapers, swaddled, cuddled, rocked and soothed our baby but most of all, he was hands on in the process of learning to nurse. He put baby in position, checked for a proper latch, and encouraged me to keep at it. He even got into bed and spent that time bonding with us and so the nursing experience was not just for Mama and baby… it was for family.

During the lows especially, my husband has been my greatest support system. He defends OUR decision to breastfeed to anyone who offers their unsolicited opinion and when I am frustrated and have said "let's just make him a bottle" my husband is the one who says "why don’t I take him for a while and then you can try again?"

I know that in pregnancy, labor and delivery, and nursing that we women get all of the credit… but I have can honestly say that there is no way I could do this without our "man behind the milk!"

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