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My Body, Part Deux

Here I am, two months postpartum and enjoying every single minute I get to spend with my chunky little guy! I am thrilled to still be nursing and happy to report that my milk supply is right on track and there is no longer a need to supplement. Woohoo!

I was thinking back (and looking at pregnant pictures of myself) about my worries while pregnant about the body changes I would experience after my baby was born. It still amazes me when I think of the complexity of our bodies as women and how we are made to carry, nurture, and NOURISH our children. It is pretty amazing!  

Sure, my once cute, solid, round baby bump is now more of a “pouch” than a bump… I have given up on the low-rise jeans for a while… or jeans altogether – can you say yoga pants?!

And as for my breasts… well, they aren’t really thought of as “sexy” anymore. They are just where the milk is! It can be difficult to just feel like the “milk supply” sometimes but it also makes me look at my body in a way that is much more selfless. It is serving an actual purpose that has nothing to do with me or what my needs are. For nine months it changed to accommodate a new human life and for the months after that, it is working to continue supporting and caring for that life. How awesome is that?

I am slowly getting into the swing of things again – exercising and trying to feel cute in my clothes again. My once 5’8" size 4/6 body is no more and that is sometimes hard but I am trying to pace myself and know that I will get it back in due time.
When I look at my precious baby boy, I am grateful that my body had the strength and all the “tools” needed to bring him into this world. I am even more grateful (and proud even) that my body is providing him all the nourishment he needs. Nothing matters more than that!