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New Baby Means New Neighborhood

During the first two years of our marriage, my husband and I lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment right near the subway. Our place was small- kitchen and living room all in one space, a tiny bathroom and a separate bedroom. Our street was pretty noisy as we were right around the corner from the elevated train, grocery store and all the shops. We loved having so many takeout options and being so close to transportation to and from Manhattan. Our neighborhood, our lives were VERY different then.

When we found out I was pregnant, we moved to a quieter, more residential neighborhood. Our two-bedroom apartment has plenty of space for a pack-n-play, baby swing, bouncer and stroller. There is a school across the street and a park right down the block. Any nearby shops close by 8 pm and the commute into Manhattan is not as easy. But this neighborhood is the setting of our new life - life with baby Aiden!

I never really was used to being friendly with my neighbors or taking long walks around my neighborhood. Walking around with a 3 month old though, people stop and say hello a lot more than I've ever experienced. I've gotten to know other moms in the area and people remember me as "Aiden's mom." Recently, a friend of mine came over and we walked to my local diner for lunch. The cook saw Aiden and actually came out from the kitchen to our table to say hello to him! He's like a local celebrity!

Being a new mom in my neighborhood has really been a lot of fun... I thought that I would miss the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of our old place but it's nice to walk down the street and actually get a reciprocating smile and talk with my neighbors. Who knew Aiden would change so many things, and for the better!