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Creating our own Fall Traditions

I grew up in a pretty traditional, Christian home and we never really celebrated Halloween. I always knew that when I started my own family, I would have to think about a way to celebrate holidays and start my own family traditions.  Now that I have a son, I want to teach him the importance of our faith and certain values I grew up with but I also want a healthy balance, so that he doesn’t feel like his faith is boring or depriving him of enjoying things that other kids enjoy. For us, Halloween is one of those things.

This year, my husband and I decided that we would go apple picking at an orchard in upstate, New York and Aiden would get to wear his costume. I know he won’t remember it but it was important to us to start creating our own fall traditions. We’d pick apples, drink cider and maybe take a hay ride… and then when we got home we can bake a pie with all those apples. Sounds pretty fun right? Well, Mother Nature had her own ideas.

This Halloween weekend, we got a SNOW storm! It’s only October 29th and we are already covered in snow. I guess apple picking is out of the question, so we dressed Aiden up in his costume and went out to see the snow. He was really mesmerized by the giant flakes coming down on his face. I guess we’ll try the apple picking again next year.

Oh yea, Aiden was the one and only Spiderman this year! His Daddy is kind of a superhero geek and Spiderman is the favorite around here. I think it would be pretty funny if Aiden decides that he likes Batman or Superman instead. I guess we’ll see!