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I remember those initial weeks breastfeeding. They say that it isn’t supposed to hurt, which is true if you have a proper latch, but with a new mom and new baby an improper latch is bound to happen and when it did, I’ll admit it I saw stars. I had cracked, bleeding nipples and that together with engorgement made those first days pretty painful. I remember just wanting to walk around topless at that time – ha!

Those days seem like forever ago because now, Aiden and I are breastfeeding ninjas! We nurse anytime, anywhere and it is completely painless. I fall asleep while he nurses at night, I can check email, read a book, or just gaze adoringly at him – it is wonderful! I really didn’t expect to LOVE breastfeeding this much but I do, I really do. So why am I reminded of those first painful weeks now? Last night, Aiden decided to BITE and once again I saw stars.

He’s been “teething” since he was about two months old though now at 6 months, he has no teeth yet. I know that it is getting more and more uncomfortable for him as he is constantly gnawing at everything in sight; he has trouble sleeping and is even pretty congested at night. I feel so bad for him but last night my vampire baby just bit me! He has no teeth so it shouldn’t hurt right? Guess again! Ouch!

I’ve read a lot about nursing strikes because Aiden had a brief one for about 24 hours a few months back when we introduced the bottle and I know that screaming out in pain could be traumatic for him and our nursing relationship so I didn’t scream. I just gasped and looked at my husband with wide eyes and he said “what happened?” I unlatched Aiden and told him that really hurt Mama and he thought this was hilarious of course.

So now, I am kind of nervous about these teeth coming in… a bite with teeth will be so much worse than the “gummy” bite I got last night and I really, really want to continue my nursing relationship with Aiden for as long as possible. Do any readers have advice about biting and how can I teach Aiden that biting mama just isn’t cool? HELP!

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