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Home From the Hospital: All Bets Were Off

I'm a planner. Before I had my baby, I had all kinds of plans. Plans for feeding. Plans for sleeping. Plans for my plans. Back-up plans for the back-up plans. I had lists and charts and books and research. I had supplies and gizmos and gadgets. And I thought I had it all figured out.

Until I gave birth. And I actually had a baby. No longer just an exciting idea, but suddenly a reality. Suddenly, she was real and tiny and had her own personality.

And when we took her home from the hospital, I quickly realized that my plans for her were just that, plans. And all bets were off.  Because until I met my daughter I could have never known what she needed. What was right for her. What felt right for me. Which in many cases was drastically different from what the “guide books” had promised would happen. I had vowed that our baby would not sleep in our bedroom. But where do you think she ended up sleeping for the first month? In our bedroom. I said I'd never nurse in our bed- that I'd always sit in the glider in the baby's nursery. Where do you think I ended up doing most of the nursing? In our bed.
I thought I’d nurse in public. But then I realized I wasn’t cut out for it.

When I had my baby I realized that plans are just that. Plans.

And the only thing you really need is to trust your gut.