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My Husband, a Father Again

For me, there’s nothing like watching my husband with our baby girl. Whether he’s kissing her or playing with her or talking baby talk to her (so cute!), it all melts my heart. When she puts her little hand on his face and smiles up at him, it absolutely kills me. And maybe it’s the hormones, but it’s been known to reduce me to tears.

My husband has two amazing children from a previous marriage so I already knew he was a wonderful father. That’s why I married him. But seeing him with our baby girl adds another level of special. I’m watching him remembering what it’s like to hold that little life in your hands, to rock her to sleep, to make her laugh. And I’m watching him rediscovering so many firsts. Like changing a diaper (he forgot how messy it can be!) to giving the baby a bath (so slippery!) to burping her (she can put a truck driver to shame!)

And with each milestone and new discovery (for her and for him), I know it’s only going to continue to get better and become even more fun to witness. Because already - if this is even possible - she’s daddy’s little girl.

And as I watch him look at his little girl with so much love in his eyes, I’m learning from him too. I’m learning to appreciate every moment with her as I watch him recognize that it will go by faster than he wants it to. That in the blink of an eye she’ll be walking then talking then playing sports then doing math homework. I watch him make her a priority. I watch him find time in his busy day to talk her for a walk or read her a book or tell her a story. And to me this is what makes him such an incredible father. And I hope that I can learn from him and be just as good of a mother.