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Breastfeeding in Public is Not For Me

I’ve never breastfed in public. And I don’t think I ever will.

I don’t think I’m the type to whip it out at Starbucks.

It feels too private, too personal. Something that is for just me, myself and my baby. Not me, myself and the random guy ordering a latte.

In the privacy of my own home I can make the baby more comfortable and certainly I am more comfortable. It’s “our time”. (But don’t get me wrong- if a friend or family member is over, I will nurse in front of them because they are someone I know and trust.) I like the fact that when I breastfeed at home, I don’t have to worry that one of my nipples is inadvertently hanging out.

I guess I’d rather risk my baby getting nipple confusion than have some stranger get confused when they accidentally see my nipple.

And although I know there are plenty of wonderful nursing covers out there, I’m still not sure I’d feel confident enough to use one.

If I have to venture out with the baby during a feeding time, I take a bottle. And it’s no big deal for me to pump and store so I have milk on hand for whenever I need it. At this point, I’ve got it down to a fine science and packing the diaper bag is as intuitive as packing my own handbag.

Fortunately for me and the baby, I’m such an anal retentive organized control freak that I’ve never been without a bottle. I always have more than I need- just in case.

I guess I don’t feel comfortable nursing my baby out in the open. Is that so bad?

I’m not judging other women who do it. More power to the mom who can nurse with abandon. Who will feed her baby anywhere, any time.

It’s just not me. And I’m not sure it ever will be.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never let my baby starve because I didn’t want some guy to get a glimpse of my areola or because I feared some woman would start a Facebook campaign because I nursed in a spot she felt was inappropriate.  But let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

And for what it’s worth, the hubs is glad I’m not showing the goods all over town too! The idea of me nursing our daughter in public also makes him uncomfortable and I am definitely going to respect that.