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Meet Desiree, One Part Granola, One Part Stilettos, All Parts Mom

Today, I'd like you to meet the last of our Bravado Designs Breastfeeding Diaries Class of 2011, Desiree.

Desiree is a brand new mom to a baby girl. Fresh from the hospital, she's navigating the initiation into parenthood and everything that goes along with it - from waiting for her milk to come in, to learning to get a proper latch, to decoding her baby’s cries in the middle of the night.
Deeply committed to breastfeeding, Desiree’s decision stems more from her research than her own family. Understanding that breastfeeding is best, but not as easy as it looks, she armed herself with books, YouTube videos and La Leche League meetings to prepare for the journey ahead. In her own words: "In the end it’s going to be me and that little girl, deciding to work together to make this happen. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to make a great team!"

Desiree lives in Dallas with her husband. She is a certified yoga instructor and she enjoys home decorating and DIY projects.

We asked each of the new bloggers these questions to get to know them better. Here is what Desiree had to say:

What did you want to be when you grew up? First, it was a superhero - Wonder Woman to be exact.  Then it was a nurse like my mom.  I briefly toyed with going to law school after undergrad but I didn't have enough passion to justify that much debt, even though I scored pretty decently on my LSAT.  These days, I want to be a trained assasin, like Michael Westen on Burn Notice.
Besides your child, what is your proudest accomplishment? Besides snagging my husband, graduating from college was my finest moment.  I went back to school at 28, worked a full time job, had a full courseload with a dual major and finished in four years with a 3.5 GPA. 
If you had 24 hours all to yourself, how would you spend them? I'd take a yoga class, have a full spa day and then have someone cook me a fabulous meal while I read my favorite book cover to cover.
If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be? I don't know if this counts but I'd like to have dinner with my dad when he was in his twenties.  I would like to have known what his hopes and dreams were at that time, how he lived and how he saw the world.
If you could travel back in time, what decade would you most want to live and raise a family in? And why? I'd choose the 60s because it was so historically important to our country's development.  For all the turmoil and drama, family values were still strongly upheld and there was a greater sense of innocence that I think would have fostered an ideal environment to raise children.
How did you meet your husband? How did you know he was "the one?"  We met online - the algorithm said he was a 100% match, a fact we laughed over in couples therapy! There wasn't a rainbows and unicorns moment where I knew he was the one. I just knew that I didn't want to be without him and that he had everything I was looking for in a man and most importantly, he was willing to commit his life to me.  It was only after we'd been married for several months that I realized that I made the right choice and that I found the right man for me.
What was your favorite thing about being pregnant? Feeling the baby kick.  I never got used to it and it made me smile every time.
What do you dislike the most about being pregnant? I hated feeling helpless.  Towards the end, I had to have help getting up out of chairs, I couldn't tie my own shoes, and everything I was used to doing for myself either took ten times longer or I had to wait until someone could help me do it. I also hated the hormonal shifts. It's hard to go from happy to sad to mad to calm in the space of an hour!
What was your favorite week or month or trimester of pregnancy? Hands down, the second trimester.  I wasn't too big yet, I could feel the baby and the kicks were light and sweet, not like the ninja karate kicks I had at the end.  I had more energy in the second trimester and I had the cutest little baby bump.  At the end, I just felt like a beached whale.
What surprised you most about pregnancy? I thought that because I didn't gain that much weight and I was very physically active before I got pregnant, I'd be able to maintain that same level of independence throughout my pregnancy.  I was shocked to realize that I was not excluded from the slow-moving-waddling-woman club.  I'm the chief spokeswoman!
What is your husband's most endearing quality? He's got a million-watt smile and I just melt when I see it. I love that he loves to be outside and it totally turns me on to see him do yardwork, but mostly because he loves it so much. His boyish enthusiasm over a new technical gadget is really cute, as is his insistence that I learn that stuff. I try but I'm useless beyond hitting the power button. I leave the technical stuff to him. He's asleep right now so I can't ask him what he thinks my most endearing quality is, so I'll answer for him: my intelligence and charm are mind-boggling. I'm sure he loves my laugh and that oh so special way I do dishes and fold laundry will keep him with me forever.
Have you given any thought about how long you plan to breastfeed? If so, how long? Right now, I plan to breastfeed until my daughter weans herself.  I'm just hoping she'll do that before her second birthday. 
What piece of parenting advice are you most sick of hearing? Sleep when the baby sleeps.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard that and a dime for every time it annoyed me, her college would be paid for!
What part of being a parent excites you the most? I'm just looking forward to witnessing another human being's growth from start to finish.  Of course, I'm also looking forward to painting her nails and doing her hair. I hope she likes that kind of thing.
What part of being a parent scares you the most? A shorter answer would be what doesn't scare me.  I don't want her to get picked on, I'm scared of the choices she'll have to make and I pray that they won't come before she's ready to make them, even though I know they will.  It's terrifying to think of the things that children are exposed to at earlier and earlier ages. I'm afraid of her rebelling against us and it having disastrous consequences. I'm afraid of her getting a fatal illness and her life being cut short. I'm scared of all the scumbag predators that are out there and her being confronted by one when I'm not there to protect her. I don't want to think about this anymore, thanks.