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What's best for the baby

By the time this is posted, we will be on our first family vacation.  At least I hope we are.  I hope we will have survived the packing and the flight.  Oh my goodness, the flight.  I am nervous about being on a plane with her for so long and I have fervent prayers that she will sleep for the majority of it and not be that baby who screams the whole way.

The last time I traveled with my daughter, we were going to my parent’s house and the plane ride was a little over and hour.  I wasn’t concerned about forgetting anything as I knew that all the necessary stores were just around the corner.  This time, we are travelling internationally, I don’t speak the language and I doubt they have a Babies R Us anywhere close.  Isn’t it so funny how you automatically assume that your country and your city is the only place on Earth where babies are safe? 

Naturally, I know she’ll be fine and we’ll probably have a wonderful time without incident.  However, we do have to take some precautions just to be on the safe side.  One of them is packing formula.  We have been extra blessed with being able to breastfeed and it’s a great point of pride for me to exclusively breastfeed my daughter.  I don’t anticipate any issue while we’re traveling but my husband insisted that I purchase some formula on the way off chance that I get ill and am unable to feed our daughter.

I wasn’t prepared for the rush of emotion I felt as I stood in front of the formula at the store.  I was paralyzed, first by the sheer number of options.  Protein sensitive, colic, organic, generic, this brand, that brand.  How in the world do you choose?  Additionally, I simply didn’t want to buy formula.  It wasn’t a choice that I made for my daughter in the beginning and I didn’t want to make it now.  Yet I put it in my cart, feeling like I was carrying contraband.

I don’t expect to fall ill.  If I have to give my daughter formula, she won’t die.  More than anything, I just want to do what’s best for my baby and that means being prepared as best as I can.