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Fall changes

My daughter and I played for the first time today.  By that I mean, we dumped out her toys on the floor, I put some toys close to her and she actually reached for them!  She shook a rattle like nobody's business!  She crinkled her crinkle book with the best of them!  She pulled the strings on her pull toys like she actually knew what she was doing and I couldn't have been happier or prouder of her!

Watching my little girl explore her toy basket was amazing – as excited as I was, you'd think no one had ever played with toys before!  Isn't that the way it is with all new parents – your child is the first and only child to ever experience anything?  I'm no different and now that Sofia is starting to interact with her world, I have such plans for us! 

Since we stay at home together, I was pretty fearful of how we would manage once the weather got cooler and it wouldn't be as convenient or comfortable to be outside.  We go to a weekly playgroup but that's only for a couple of hours – what were we going to do with all the rest of our time?  But today showed me that we have a whole new world waiting for us to explore. 

As the days get shorter and we're inside more, I'm looking forward to our new experiences.  We're starting solid foods and if our first attempts are any indication, eating/feeding is going to be an adventure in itself!  I'm constantly amazed when she picks up a new food and it hits me that this is the first time in her life that she's eating avocado – the texture, the smell, the taste, it's all brand new for her!  How amazing is that!?  Additionally, our family has a pretty big move on the horizon and I'm hoping that we'll welcome the new year in our new home.

Change can be scary or exciting – all that matters is your attitude.  I plan to take a page from my daughter's book and look at everything with happiness and wonder.  It's a privilege to get to see the world through her eyes and as we plan to celebrate some pretty big milestones in her first holiday season, I'm happy I get to be by her side for the whole thing.