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All I Want For Christmas

This year, the only thing I asked from Santa is an extra set of hands.  We're visiting the in-laws for the holiday and the grandparents are going to be a great stand-in for Santa.  I'm looking forward to eating a full meal with both hands, taking long hot showers and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate without eager baby fingers reaching for it!  It will be a Christmas miracle!

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I look forward to it every year.  It's hectic and traveling makes things more challenging but that's par for the course and I'm thankful that we have family to visit.  However, that's not to say that the holiday season isn't without its challenges.  Traveling with a crawling baby is a whole new game.  I used to be able to get on a plane, nurse the baby and she'd quietly sleep for the whole flight.  Now, she wants to be up; wants to be down; wants to nurse; wants to eat paper; wants to sit; wants to stand and that's just the first ten minutes!

I'm super thankful to have the help when my husband and I are finally together.  I have so much respect for military wives and single mothers because some days all you want is for someone to simply hold the baby for just a few minutes.  It's so nice when we're in the same city once again, because he can play with the baby while I answer emails, take a shower or just sit on the sofa and close my eyes.

Being a stay at home mom means that you never get a break, not even on vacation.  Vacation is just code for 'work in a different spot that's not baby-proofed.'  But it's the best job and one I'm thankful to have.  During the holiday season as well as the rest of year, all I need is an occasional pat on the back to let me know I'm doing a good job.  An extra set of hands never hurts either.