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Why We Are Breastfeeding

There are many uncomfortable conversations a child has with their parents. And they all start with questions.

“Where do babies come from?”

“Why can’t I eat my boogers?”

“What’s happening to my body?”

“No, seriously… where the heck do babies come from???”

But one of the most uncomfortable conversations comes when a nearly 30-year-old man asks his mother:

“Was I breastfed?”

It’s important to know, but who actually remembers that far back?

The answer, in my case, was no. Thankfully, it was a short, relatively painless chat.

My wife asked her mother, and it was the same answer, no.

So why in the world is it so important for two non-breastfed children to do it with their kids?

A quick search on Google will show you the main reasons why:

Both the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics are all for it. That’s a big plus. Breastmilk has been cited asthe healthiest form of milk for human babies. It promotes the immune system, healthy weight and higher intelligence. It protects against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and lowers the instances of infections. Oh, and food costs for the baby are zilch.

To recap: costs nothing (outside of pumps and bottles and such), makes you smarter, keeps your weight in check and prevents you from dying and getting nasty infections. Check, check and check!

If such a singular food existed for adults, wouldn’t you want to eat it every day, too?

Oh, and the benefits for the mother aren’t too shabby. Beyond the bonding opportunities, breastfeeding can help the mother lose weight, release much-needed calming hormones and even stave off cancer.

Those reasons alone make it a slam dunk decision.

But we also took into account our own situation. My wife wasn’t breastfed because her grandmother and mother had trouble, so it’s important to us to at least try it.

We are aware that not every mother/child combo can breastfeed easily. There are tons issues that could sneak up on us, from difficulties latching on, to medicines preventing it from happening.

Our challenge is to provide our child with the best nutrition possible; the solution is natural.

And that’s why we are breastfeeding.