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Lime Sherbet

I’m an only child. Growing up, I had no brothers, no sisters.  We had a cat for a while, but that feline was CRAZY. Oh, I did have some fish. I’m not a stereotypical only child, since I did grow up with a “village” of friends and family. But sharing has never been my absolute strongest point.  I’ve always liked my stuff to be my stuff.

Flashback: When I was four, I got a carton of lime sherbet.  I neglected to eat it for a few days (kids… so easily distracted!), and by the time I remembered we had it in the freezer, it was gone!  I reacted as only a preschooler with no lime sherbet could, crying and wailing for hours on end. (My dad still can’t believe that nearly 25 years later, I still remember this event so vividly and have been obviously scarred so badly by it.)

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy sharing.

Counting down the weeks until our baby comes, I find myself thinking more and more about the major changes coming to my life shortly – and how I’ll be sharing in new ways.

My wife is going to be the mother of my children, and that will forever change our relationship, physically, emotionally and mentally.
For the entirety of our relationship, we have been a team.  We supported each other after long days of the office, loved each other for who we are and…loved each other.  I’d like to think we’ve given and taken and created a family bond that works pretty well.
While having an infant will disrupt the harmony of a relationship, breastfeeding will likely add to the challenges of keeping our husband-wife vibe going strong.  My wife and child will have a unique emotional and physical bond that I’m not able to fully participate in.

Recently, my wife asked me how I will feel when her breasts, a manifestation of identity, confidence and attraction, not to mention a pretty awesome erogenous zone, become the source of food for our child.  Honestly, I’ve pushed that to the side for many months, but it may be time to start dealing with those feelings.

Will I, her wedded partner, be able to enjoy her body in the same way again?  How will I react to sharing my wife with our baby?  And how will I share of myself as a husband and father?  Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be exploring this here, and can’t wait to see your feedback and advice in the comments section below.

In just a few weeks, our duo will become a trio.

And my sharing abilities will have to be taken to entirely new levels.  Levels WAY above lime sherbet.