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Third Trimester Senioritis

I want to talk about “Senioritis.”
You remember that glorious final year of high school. Walking tall down the halls like you OWNED the place. Slacking off because you KNEW what your next step in life was going to be (college, work, military or uncertainty. Yes, even uncertainty could give you confidence in high school!)

Let’s go with this analogy for a bit:

During your summer vacation, you had no cares in the world. Maybe you worked, maybe you didn’t. You definitely had fun though. Exciting new experiences, exploring the world, seeing familiar things in unfamiliar ways.
Sounds kind of like a couple trying to conceive to me.

The first day of your senior year was either filled with unbridled excitement or soul-crushing fear. Or, more likely, some combination of the two.
Sounds like someone just found out they're pregnant!

The first few months were filled with ups and downs. SATs, college applications, keeping grades up… it’s enough to make you nauseous at random intervals!
Sounds like the first trimester!

Seemingly countless meetings with guidance counselors?
Regular doctor’s appointments!

Choosing a school/trade/military path?
Choosing a hospital!

Winter break?
Morning sickness finally goes away!

What college meal plan do you want?
To breastfeed or not to breastfeed!

I could list more, but you’re smart, you get the point.

But as my wife and I are sitting here, just a few weeks away from “graduation,” we look, trite as it may seem, to the future.
You see, thousands upon thousands of speakers over the decades have told wide-eyed graduates at commencement ceremonies that “the future is in your hands.”

In just a few weeks, we’ll be holding the future of a beautiful baby girl in our hands. We will be 100% controlling the nutrition she gets for, at least, the first few years, before sugary cereals, candy jars and pizza parties enter the equation. The decision to breastfeed is to help ensure we are giving our daughter everything she needs to help her develop into a healthy toddler, teen and adult. It will be like the hardest Advanced Placement test of our lives. No grading on a curve. No retesting, either.

I never thought I’d say these words again: I’d better go study.