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A Pregnant Mother’s Day

Millions of people spent a recent weekend celebrating Mother’s Day; my wife and I were not among them. But I think it was quite appropriate that we traveled from our home in Washington, DC, to my wife’s hometown of Houston, TX, that weekend for our first baby shower.

Let me get this out of the way:  We’re THAT couple. Egalitarian to the max (I mean, I’m writing a blog about breastfeeding!), the shower was for the both of us and the baby. My reasoning behind it is simple: it’s my baby, too, so I should get some celebration. Any other guys out there feel the same way?

That said, it was remarkably fitting that our baby shower was on Mother’s Day weekend, since this day was all about getting us ready to be parents.

All of the generous gifts and parenting advice were fantastic.  We spent the day hearing stories from mothers of all ages, and a few fathers, too. Seriously, we had grandmothers and mothers of young children alike.  

Everyone had a unique take on breastfeeding. My wife’s cousin told me that one of the main reasons she chose to breastfeed was because it would help prevent her children from suffering seasonal allergies. That was a benefit I hadn’t heard of before.

We heard stories of pumping at the office. We discussed what it will be like when my wife breastfeeds when we have company over.  (The verdict: if guests are uncomfortable, they can leave the room. Baby’s gotta eat!)

These stories and chats got my brain thinking about what next Mother’s Day will look like.

  • How will we celebrate our first Mother’s Day as a three-person/one-dog family?
  • How will we look back on the past year, with a nearly 11-month-old daughter in our hands?  
  • Will breastfeeding be the experience we expected it to be?
  • What advice will we be giving to people based on our experiences?

And, most importantly, will we answer these questions BEFORE or AFTER my daughter helps me make my wife breakfast in bed (three slices of French Toast coming up!) for Mother’s Day 2012?