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Season of Change

The past year has had one constant: change.

From renting a chic row-house in the city to owning a big home in the suburbs. From a family unit of two (plus the dog) to three (plus the dog).

Those two changes intertwined devilishly, as our daughter arrived 10 days early… just five days after we moved. We started being parents with weeks of sleepless, stressful nights spent packing, moving and unpacking.

And that’s not all. My wife changed jobs while pregnant. And my company even moved offices while I was out on paternity leave.

Now, as summer fades to fall, the change of the season marks the end of the craziest time in our life and the beginning of the next chapter.

Of course we’re thrilled – so much stress is now in the past. Our life is now set – house, baby, professional satisfaction.

Everything should be perfect, right?

But it’s more complicated than that.

Adjusting to our new life is proving to be more challenging than we thought it would be.

We’ve got the big things covered, but all of the little things we need to take care of are piling up faster than we can take care of them.

What bottles and nipples will we use when Hava starts daycare soon?

What time do we have to get up to get all of us out the door?

Which store has the best diaper prices?

Why does every battery-operated baby item use different types of batteries?

Man – our new lawn isn’t mowing itself, either. Drat.

As we fend off the little things one at a time, there is another looming set of emotions hanging around us.

Since mid-2007, we’ve been celebrating so many life-cycle events: moving to the city together, engagement (and parties), marriage (and one huuuuge party), new jobs, pregnancy (and parties), new house and now baby (and parties).

That season of our life is just about over. We are going to settle into a routine.

It’s going to be fantastic, but that sense of… completion… is daunting.

While I never wish anyone to go through the craziness we endured, there was something thrilling and energizing about all of the change. Something was always happening in our lives. Usually, it was many somethings all at once.

Can we establish a new normal? And can we keep our life as exciting as it used to be?

I hope so.

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