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Daycare Separation Anxiety

It’s funny.  I went back to work just a few weeks after Hava was born and I didn’t feel what I’m feeling now. In just a few days, my baby girl is starting daycare and I’m having a tough time dealing with it.

For the first month of her life, my wife was home on maternity and my mother-in-law was living with us.  She was incredible, helping with every aspect of life when we needed it most.

For the following few weeks, my wife stayed home alone. And for the past two weeks, as my wife transitions back to work, my parents have provided the best at-home daycare ever.

Through all of that, I woke up in the morning, went to work and came home, knowing a family member would have given Hava the love and care we wanted her to have that day.

Now, we absolutely love the daycare Hava is going to.  They are incredible and we know it’s the best place for her to be.  By a mile.

We’ve toured the facility several times.  We’ve met her teachers and “classmates.”  We have friends who’ve had children there.  Basically, we are VERY excited that Hava will have this experience in her life, being surrounding by professional infant educators every day.

But there’s something about dropping her off somewhere in the morning and picking her up in the evening that feels so different than leaving her at home with family. 

And the silly part is that since my wife and I will be carpooling, I’ll actually get to spend more time with Hava every day.

However, that doesn’t change my general thinking…

She just got here!

She’s just starting to develop a personality!

We just got our middle-of-the-night and morning routines down pat!

I guess I can sum up my feelings in one sentence:

I just can’t believe that nine weeks after she was born, I need to start letting go.