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Seasons Change

Did we have a summer this year?

Since Hava was born in June, life has been one gigantic blur.

Instead of a summer filled with trips to the beach and other such fun activities, we spent the past several months surrounded by burp rags and dirty diapers.

Not that my wife and I are complaining.  Hava has made every day more fun and awesome than the one before.

But we are in the midst of a bit of seasonal whiplash at the moment.

There is something about this time of year that just works for me – the cool temperatures, the Halloween/Thanksigving season and traditions, Fall TV season…maybe the combination of them all?  I can’t put my finger on it.

One potentially-negative thing we will have to deal with is the shorter days.

You see, when there was nothing but sunshine in our lives, days still flew by.  To-do lists kept growing and there was seemingly no way to handle the growing amounts of feedings and laundry.

Those challenges have somewhat eased as we’ve settled into our new role as parents, but the lack of natural light in our Mondays through our Fridays is going to throw a wrench in our plans.

We’ve promised to set a good example for our daughter by eating well, exercising regularly and living a generally active lifestyle.

Coming home from work in the dark, for me and my wife, at least, is a motivation killer.  All we want to do is curl up, order delivery and watch TV. 

That feeling is not conducive to all the things that need to get done – laundry, shopping, cleaning, cooking, quality time with our daughter.

Honestly, I’m frightened by the next few months.  Just like breastfeeding made us think hard about every aspect of our life, from clothes, pumping, storage, and more, adjusting to this season will require us to change. 

We will be forced to plan more intricately, push ourselves when we want to rest, keep each other motivated…and still find time to jump in large piles of leaves.

What advice do you have for parents delving into their first Fall?