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Thankful Experiences

‘Tis the season to be grateful, right?

As I look back on what I’m thankful for over the past year, it starts and stops with our baby.

It’s been a truly great year that has seen me take on many new roles and titles. Homeowner. Suburbanite. A director of my company.

But none of them mean as much to me as the title of “father.”

There have been two key transformative moments over the first few months of Hava’s life that have truly made me appreciate everything I have.

The first one occurred minutes after Hava was born.

While the doctors and nurses were still cleaning her and performing tests and standard procedures, Hava needed some warmth and was placed under a warming light. I assured her that everything was going to be OK. And at under one hour of life, she extended her arm in my direction, asking me to hold her hand.

I nearly lost my composure, but kept it together.

A few minutes later, with my wife watching from her bed, Hava reached out for me again.

I quickly realized that fatherhood is a responsibility. Babies are born looking for their parents and it’s our job to take care of them and not let them down. And, most importantly, be there to hold their hand.

The second transformative incident took place just last week.

To me—and probably most folks—all crying babies sound pretty much the same.

As I entered Hava’s daycare to pick her up one evening, just about every baby in the center was having a “moment.” Six babies in the room, all six crying.

How did I know all six were crying?

Because I realized I could actually HEAR my child’s cry over everything else.

It felt like a super power.

I ran to her crib, picked her up and held her tight and she calmed down instantly.

My baby needed me and nothing would stop me from being there for her.

Yes, it’s been a great year and I have a lot to be thankful for. But I get the feeling that I’m just getting prepared for what’s to come.

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