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A Day in the Life of a Nursing WOHM (Work Outside of Home Mom)

2:00 am- Joshua nuzzles me, looking to nurse. I nurse him and he goes back to sleep. He wakes and nurses about every 15 minutes for the next two hours. I'm awake the whole time.

4:00 am- I decide that maybe Joshua needs a diaper change and that's why he won't sleep peacefully. I change his diaper, which was wet, and we head back to bed. I lie in bed, unable to sleep because I want to make sure Joshua is comfortable. I think about work in the morning and get the idea for this blog post. Joshua finally seems comfortable, so I can go back to sleep.

5:30 am- Ed's alarm goes off. I tell him I'm going to try to sleep for 20 more minutes. Joshua is sound asleep.

6:00 am- Ed calls from downstairs. Time to get up! I calculate exactly how long I can stay in bed without making myself late to work. Fortunately it's Monday and Joshua is going to my mother in law's house, so I don't have to label bottles. That will save a few minutes...

6:20 am- Oops! I fell asleep! Ed takes Joshua to change him and I rush around to get myself dressed. Somehow, we get in a quick nursing session and get out the door.

6:45 am- Joshua is in his car seat in the back of Ed's truck. I give him a kiss goodbye and get in my own car. I eat breakfast as I drive to work. It's not yet dawn.

7:30 am- First block begins. This is my preparation period, thank goodness! I make sure my plans are ready for the day and then head to pump. I express 6.5 ounces, not bad! A colleague is out sick, so I organize plans for her substitute.

9:00 am- Class.

10:30 am- Class.

12:00 pm- I multi-task by eating an apple and expressing 6 ounces of milk at the same time. I have only 30 minutes to do both, plus wash all the parts, visit the restroom and get ready for my next class!

12:30 pm- Class.

2:15 pm- Faculty meeting

3:30 pm- I'm home! Ed's bringing home Joshua today, so I have a little free time at home. The couch is calling me, but time alone is so rare and I have work to do! I change out of my work clothes, put in a load of laundry, take some meat out of the freezer, have a snack/lunch, pick up the kitchen, express 5 ounces of milk and prep as much of supper as I can. I even remember to put the clothes in the dryer.

5:00 pm- Ed and Joshua are home! I nurse Joshua and enjoy the quiet time with him as he dozes on and off in my arms. Then I make supper, sporadically joining Ed and Joshua on the floor to play with some blocks.

6:00 pm- Supper time! We all eat together as a family, allowing Joshua to sample some of our supper: butternut squash, pork chop and applesauce.

6:30 pm- After enjoying his supper, Joshua needs a bath. It's bath time for both of us! Ed cleans up the kitchen then comes to get Joshua out of the tub and ready for bed while I wash my hair.

7:00 pm- Family time in the big bed. We read stories and I nurse Joshua to sleep.

8:00 pm- As Joshua sleeps beside me, I'm on the laptop. I order groceries for delivery the next day, organize and review my lesson plans, blog, and then enjoy a little free time on Facebook and Twitter (Follow me: @FarmDaughter).

8:30 pm- Joshua is awake and hungry! He nurses for 10 minutes, taking big gulps. Before I know it, he's fallen back to sleep and I steal a little more time on the computer.

9:00 pm- Lights out for me!

11:30 pm- Joshua wakes me up to nurse. He quickly falls asleep, and so do I.
And it starts all over again!