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Celebrity Moms: They're Just Like Us!

I decided a few weeks ago to upgrade my breast pump. There wasn't anything specifically wrong with the one I was using. It was a workhorse, a champion motor that did exactly what it was supposed to do. However, it was heavy and was proving to be difficult to ferry to and from work, especially since I also carry another bag with my laptop, purse, lunch and paperwork. Trying to tetris two bags on my lap on a crowded bus was wearing on me.

Every morning when I walk on board, I desperately scan the aisles for an empty seat. When I was pregnant, it was obvious that I needed the room. Now I no longer have the belly but I'm still trying to sustain the life I carried for 41 weeks via pumping. Only there's no way I could announce as I flash my bus card, "Hello fellow commuters! I need extra space for the device that extracts milk from my breasts! Step aside please!" I have enough trouble with all the bags I bring with me, I don't need the "crazy" added to my Bag Lady title.

After some extensive research, I had settled on a Medela Freestyle. Though it's my favorite type of style -- free -- it was one of the more expensive versions short of hospital-grade. Still, I was convinced it would offer me the same function of my previous pump without the weight.

Then I saw it on TV being touted on a random reality show, the one with the hot sisters, one of whom just had a baby. My eyes were glued to the screen as the celeb went on how she needed to pump so she could go out partying later. More over, she wore a hands-free bra that kept the pump horns suspended in air, which allowed her to shimmy for her sister, illustrating its true hands-free feature.

While I had already made up my mind that this pump would alleviate many of my commuting woes, seeing this solidified my decision. I would buy this pump.

I told myself that the celeb was also a working mom and had many of the same needs as I had. Sure, my job involves checking emails and agreeing to projects and her job is agreeing to celebrity endorsements and checking her teeth in a mirror before she steps onto a red carpet. But we're both working and need the same kind of support that allows us to care for our babies and complete tasks as well.

The new pump has been a success. It has made my pumping at work much more bearable. The motor itself is lighter than my previous one. The tubing is manageable, unlike the former tubes that were the length of our Christmas lights. I don't feel tethered to a bag any more. I can pump at my desk or in the ladies room, and do other tasks more freely, hands-free or not. Plus, the bag containing all the pump accoutrements is much more stylish than the heavy leather one that looked more like it contained the President's nuclear codes than a breast pump.

Though I don't focus on my celebrity pump twin, I do like the fact that we are 9-5 sisters, although I'm sure I'm working the day shift and she's dancing through till 5 am. That's about the only thing I have in common with young, hot Hollywood moms: lactation.