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Overcoming Personal Breastfeeding Doubts

I may be a first generation breastfeeder but I sure have a lot of support for someone who didn't watch women breastfeed as I grew up. As I try to think of objections I've had to overcome from friends and family I can't point to any. I guess I'm very blessed in this regard.

Looking back, in the beginning I was overly sensitive about looks from my mother, suggestions to supplement, and inquiries about nursing on demand. Of course my feelings were warranted. I had never done this before and was learning on the job.

I consider myself lucky and extremely blessed to have had positive experiences with my family and friends. What I've found I'd had to face more than objections have been doubts.

Surprisingly I have had fellow breastfeeding moms admit the doubt they had in my efforts to breastfeed. Some bet I wouldn't last eight weeks before switching to formula. A friend of mine admitted she didn't think I'd last more than three months, but was happy I did. I'd be lying if I said their disbelief didn't motivate me that much more to keep it up.

I doubted myself too for some time. I didn't think my work schedule would allow for me to pump as much as I'd need to to feed my daughter. I didn't think my supply would keep up with her demand. I doubted my drive to keep it up. I didn't believe I'd be able to breastfeed and not need to supplement but I've done it. I've done it and I'm doing it and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

This experience has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I went from not caring if I needed to use formula, to leaving that as a very last resort and not needing it.

I'm finding myself talking to my sisters about breastfeeding and sharing my positive experiences with friends. I want every woman to consider breastfeeding. I want every mother to overcome her doubts, fears, and any objections she may have from others.