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So, How Long Are You Going to Keep Nursing?

My husband asked me tonight, "How long are you going to keep nursing?" He said it matter of factly, genuinely curious. When I've been asked this before, I'm usually vague, answering, "as long as the baby wants to." My real answer is that I want to nurse for a year, at least.

But I'm also realistic and know that I should make smaller, easily attainable goals. Based on my history of only making it to four months with my first child and sevent months with my second, I don't want to set myself up for failure and disappointment with my third.

Skylar is now 4 ½-months-old, so I know we will make it to at least 6 months. My supply is much better, his latch is better, we can nurse out of the house. So, we're doing well now. And after we make 6 months of nursing, my next goal is to nurse until he's 9 months old. Then we'll try to make it to his first birthday, in mid-August. If Skylar would like to continue past that, I'd be thrilled.

While I adore our long and frequent nursing sessions, I'm looking forward to them spacing out a little. He's my top priority, along with his brother and sister, but we don't get out much or get much done while we're home. He nurses around every 1 1/2 - 2 hours during the day and still barely naps. He's not a big fan of the swing or the bouncy seat, too small for the Exersaucer and gets pretty angry when he rolls over on his playmat. So I end up holding him most of the day. I keep telling myself, he will start napping soon.

I sometimes feel that I'm too old for this – I turned 40 last weekend - and then I think, I got what I wanted.