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Pumping Anxiety

I consider myself very lucky that I work out of my house – I can nurse Skylar on demand, as we are usually together 98% of the time. But I have to spend some time away from him soon, as I'll be going to a trade show and no children – not even babies – are allowed.

I'm panicking because I don't get a lot of milk when I pump these days. For several months after Skylar was born, I was pumping often, drinking my Mother's Milk Tea and taking fenugreek religiously but now, since my supply is good, I've stopped these production boosting efforts.

But when I'm at the trade show, he's going to need pumped breastmilk so I've started pumping in order to build up a stash. I've got to cover a half a day, then a full day, then a happy hour two days later. But it's easier said than done.

Finding the time to pump is challenging. Like most women, I have the most milk in the morning, but pumping then is difficult because I have to get my son to kindergarten, nurse the baby, shower, and get my daughter ready for nursery school – all within an hour. Then I drive my daughter to school and before I need to be back to pick her up two hours later I need to nurse Skylar. If I'm lucky, I can pump once or twice. Later in the afternoon, I can try to pump another once or two. And then after dinner, I can pump another ounce. I have banked a little milk, but not enough to get me through the trade show. But I'm hopeful if I keep it up, I just may be okay.

The next step is to increase how much I can pump. I'm looking for tips. How can I pump more at each session?