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A Day in the Life: 5 1/2 Months

6:55 am We are usually nursing by the time my husband's alarm goes off. It's pretty rare that Skylar will sleep after that – maybe for 10 minutes if I'm lucky. I need to get Ben, my 5-year-old up and out the door in the next 25 minutes. If Skylar's awake and fussing, I change him and let him hang out in the swing while I give Ben his clothes to change into and make breakfast for him and my 3-year-old daughter Allegra (who's wandered out into the hallway a few minutes later). While Ben starts eating, I change Allegra and get her dressed. Breakfast gets eaten and Ben leaves by 7:20, when my husband takes him downstairs to the bus. I try to get a little pumping in.

7:20 am With Ben gone, Allegra brings her waffle and milk into the den to watch Sesame Street. I grab the baby and we follow her and nestle into our old, decrepit recliner (my favorite place to nurse in the house) for a nursing session. I grab my trusty pillow and we get comfortable.

8:15 am I put Skylar in the swing or bouncer (he's awake) so I can shower and get dressed. Sometimes I get to eat afterwards, but not on the 3 days a week when I take Allegra to preschool.

8:40 am I change the baby's diaper and put him in his snowsuit and get Allegra's boots and jacket on. It still takes us 10-15 more minutes to get out of the house. We drive to Allegra's preschool to drop her off.

9:45 am We get back home again and I finally eat breakfast. Then it's time for another leisurely nursing session. I multi-task by reading my emails on my phone while Skylar nurses. By now it's 10:45 and we play for a little while. I try to pump a couple of ounces (but only because I wasn't able to pump in the early morning).

11:30 am Back in the car again to pick up Allegra -- we're back by 12:20. I give Allegra lunch and put her down for a nap. Skylar and I go into the bedroom to nurse. I actually doze off while Skylar catches a few ZZZs.

2:30 pm Allegra's up from her nap and we go downstairs to wait for her big brother. While Allegra plays and Skylar hangs out on the playmat or exersaucer, I do homework with Ben. Then I get some work done while he and Allegra play. I try to pump a couple of ounces.

4:00 pm Skylar's hungry again, we nurse in the chair in the den.

5:00 pm Skylar plays while I make dinner for Ben and Allegra and once they're eating, I make dinner for the grown-ups.

6:00 pm I nurse Sklyar again while Ben and Allegra play. My husband comes home from work. Skylar goes in the swing or high chair while we eat dinner. We're starting to introduce solids, so I give him some applesauce.

7:30 pm We put Ben and Allegra to bed and then I go into the den for another nursing session. Skylar seems to get very fussy at this time and I usually have to give him 3-4 ounces of milk that I pumped during the day. Though he occasionally goes to sleep for a little while, tonight he doesn't so my husband plays with him while I get some work done.

11:00 pm Skylar's up for his midnight snack so I nurse him before heading into bed.

1:00 am Skylar wakes up for his post-midnight meal. Sometimes I take him to the big comfy chair to nurse, sometimes we nurse in bed but lately I try to transfer him back to the co-sleeper while he's drowsy. He wakes up a few more times in the night and we nurse in bed. Then we wake up at 6:55 am and the day begins again!