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Eyes Wide Open

Breastfeeding continues to go well, even as we hit the 6 ½ months mark. But our nursing sessions have changed a little.

Over the last 6 ½ months, I’ve gotten used to (and loved) the long, lingering sessions with my little nursling, supported on my nursing pillow, as we cuddle in our recliner. His blue eyes shut tightly, and his mouth latched on. I stroke Skylar’s bright red hair as he dines. I love seeing that little hand grabbing for my nursing pendant as as he nurses. While we still have a lot of these types of sessions, other times during the day, he’s more alert and keeps his eyes open. These nursing sessions are shorter. I’m not sure if it’s too much stimulation around him or that he’s changing. Evolving.

He’s not a newborn or infant anymore, but turning into an older baby. He’s going to sit up soon and start crawling. It makes me wonder, while he may be ready to nurse less, am I ready for that? Since this is the first child of mine that is doing so well nursing, I hate the thought of stopping. I know things are going to come up, like teething and solids — which we started a month ago.

So far, solids have not been a big hit. I try to give him pureed veggies or fruit for dinner, he isn’t really ‘getting it” yet. Sometimes he’ll eat a little, sometimes he won’t eat any of it. It hasn’t impacted how many times a day he’ll nurse or taken a feeding away.

We’re still co-sleeping, but my husband wants Skylar to go into his own room in a couple of months. I’m hesitant, because it’s just so much easier to nurse at night when the baby is in the co-sleeper next to me – and I like my baby boy near me.  But, things are going to have to evolve, right?

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