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There's a New(er) Kid on the Block

Today we had the pleasure of attending the bris of the first born son of very good friends. We had a great morning getting ready for the big event. Sammy took a nap and as soon as he got up we got him dressed and caught a cab across town. Sammy loves car rides so by the time we arrived at the synagogue he was in a great mood.

It was so intense for me seeing Sammy right next to this eight-day-old infant. How did we get this far? How did Sammy and I become the experienced, old hands?

When did my baby become a little boy? It was so exciting to see my friend's son. He was so small in his mother's arms. It was such a treat seeing my friend breastfeed her new baby. It was sort of like glimpsing myself six months prior. All we have to go on as a new mom to a days old baby is instinct. My friend had never nursed a baby before, but seeing her take her little baby to her breast seemed so natural, normal and easy. I felt fortunate that Sammy was able to latch on just moments after he was born, but seeing breastfeeding happen so easily for someone else felt like witnessing a miracle. Our bodies and our babies' bodies are so much smarter than we begin to realize. My friend's son knew that he belonged at her breast, as soon as she brought him to her nipple he sweetly started sucking down his mama's milk.

As we were waiting for the elevator on our way to the bris I said to my husband, "isn't it nice that we don't have to worry about schlepping bottles or formula or anything? All we need is my boobs!" My husband agreed and with just a couple toys and blankets we were off. I know how fortunate I feel to not only appreciate the ease that breastfeeding provides but to also be able to breastfeed at all. I recall speaking with friends and some family about their challenges with breastfeeding. Thankfully, Sammy and I never had a problem and now here we are six months later. I feel closer to my son than to anybody on the planet (my husband is a close second) and I know that breastfeeding is responsible for a large part of that bond. It's exciting for me to see this similar bond developing for my friend and her son.

As a new mother it' hard to comprehend that everything that is happening is normal and that other people have been through very similar situations before you. Sammy has grown into a very verbal, happy, energetic and playful little baby boy. In the past six months we've met other moms and babies and have grown into our respective roles as mother and son. I am curious and excited to see my friend grow into her role as mother and I am so excited to see this newborn infant become a little baby boy and a new playmate for my Sammy. It's amazing to think of these two boys as basically the same age, because the chasm between them now is so vast. In a decade from now my friend and I will probably look back on this time as a whirlwind that we can barely remember, but now this is our life. Welcome to the world, Baby Boy!!!