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Breastfeeding Adventures at the Gym

I'd like to call myself a professional breastfeeder now. Why professional? Well, feeding this little love bug that is growing at 98% is pretty much a full-time day job (and night job). When I was at 8 weeks postpartum, I was feeling pretty good about baby and my relationship with the boob. That was until I hit the gym for Mission Hot Mama, a workout program I created with my trainer to help new mothers say bye bye baby belly.

More than ten mothers showed up to our first workout with their little cutie patooties. The whole idea is we can come together in a crying- and feeding-friendly environment. So when Siena was doing her hungry "I want my milk, lady" face way before any baby, I was ready to set the breastfeeding friendly mission off with a bang. I just didn't realize that would be setting an example of what NOT to do when breastfeeding at the gym.

You see my brilliant mind that isn't getting much sleep lately decided that I should wear a nursing bra. I know this doesn't sound too unusual, the only problem is that the same brain also told me to put a sports bra on top of it too. I'm trying to work out the logic behind this move of wearing two bras but now I type this out it really doesn't seem to make sense -- I promise at the time it was a very brilliant idea. With the extra weight and size of my breasts, I guess I thought I needed extra bounce protection.

Breastfeeding mothers: just trust me on this one, you don't need or want to wear two bras. Here is why... I'm sitting there ready to feed the hungry munchkin and show off to all how great our new program is that we can feel comfortable working out together with our babies, when I realized I had no idea how I was going to get my boob out of this bra jail I had put it in. I lifted my top and sports bra up, then pulled my maternity bra down and found my breast clamped from top to bottom. I was worried the other mom's would see that I had no idea what I was doing, so I quickly put Siena on the nipple. She did a great job of covering my two-bra-trick with her head... for about two seconds. That's when milk started spraying out like a fire hydrant and she pulled away coughing and crying.

Then it turned into a big "Got Milk" ad for everyone. The clamping bras sprayed my milk farther than I've ever seen water spray out of a water gun and in all directions. It's safe to say I made a few more "close" friends as I helped the women around me wipe off the drips that I had sprayed on them, while juggling a screaming, crying, hungry baby and putting back my two bras to stop the fire hydrant from shooting out anymore.

Yes, that's another thing about breastfeeding, you learn very quickly how to multi-task.