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From Boobie Jail to "I Can Do It!"

Jenni Hogan's daughter SienaWe're seven months into our breastfeeding journey and I've been blogging about my experience as the "Milk Lady" for baby Siena since the day she popped out. All of my past blogs have been pretty much telling you how much harder breastfeeding and pumping is than people will tell you. This time I'm excited to give you tips that helped me get to "that point" that all your friends tell you about where it finally gets easier. It really does!

Here are my three pumping mama tips:

1. Get your husband to wash the bottles. This is AMAZING. I'm not sure why my husband started doing it. I didn't ask, and didn't think of asking but I'm so glad it happened. I'm thinking it was when I went on a mini washing strike. Nothing planned, I just was over washing those bottles every second of the day, so I left them in the sink. And left them a little longer, then yes, just left them longer than that. All of a sudden I woke up one day and all of the bottles were clean. He has been washing them before I can even notice they're sitting there ever since and boy does he have one happy happy wifey. To pump and not constantly think about I have to wash these, really just makes it so much easier.

2. Pump less, get more out of life. I've eliminated my final pumping session right after the show in order to go home to baby eating rather than pumping has given me so much time and sanity back. That was a HUGE moment for me.

3. Realize that starting solids doesn't make breastfeeding easier. Solid foods doesn't mean less milk – I thought once Siena started solids that this would give me a break on breastfeeding and make it easier. It actually got harder for the next month and I wasn't ready for that mentally. It turns out that for the first month or so, my baby didn't eat the food she played with it, testing out the texture, taste etc. About 2 weeks ago she starting really eating and the amount of milk she drank suddenly just dropped. It felt like it happened overnight. One day we were about to be out of milk supply the next day I had a freezer full of bags. When your friends tell you it gets easier, believe them, but know that it gets harder first.

    Cheers to this wonderful journey and super moms everywhere, you inspire me. I would love to know if you have any tips too!