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Belle Underwire Nursing Bra

Uplifting In Every Way

We know that moms love their underwire and don’t want to give up the support it provides when they start breastfeeding, so we made it our mission to find the perfect underwire to meet moms' needs after they establish their breastfeeding rhythm.

Our new Belle Underwire Nursing Bra provides amazing support without compromising on comfort or causing constriction. Two years and a whole bunch of wires later, our designers found the one in No.277™ underwire. This, combined with our luxe Petal Soft™ fabric, make this bra truly special.

Belle Underwire Nursing Bra – it’s love at first fit.

The right support comes down to the wire.

What makes the No. 277™ underwire so special?
Underwires can be quite rigid – but not ours. We’ve thoughtfully selected a quality of wire that will be as flexible as it can be, while still providing the needed support. It was designed to move with your body – forwards, backwards and sideways.
Not every underwire is formed the same. What makes ours different is its wider shape with straighter sides and a flatter bottom, rather than being the typical narrower ‘U’ shape. This is so that it can accommodate more breast shapes without constricting the breast tissue.
This is the part of the wire channel that extends past the wire. Having this extra space in the channel allows it to fold at a lower point, which means you can drop the cup of the bra further for full breast access.
We’ve appropriately provided a lighter gauge wire for smaller breasts and a slightly heavier gauge for larger breasts. This is to ensure the underwires 'support' our cause – offering moms a super comfortable underwire nursing experience.

Watch Belle’s lead tech designer, Nicole, show you why the No. 277™ is special.

Even more reasons to love Belle Underwire

Luxe Petal-Soft™ fabric

Criss-cross or straight for versatility

Accommodates changing breast shapes

Easy open-and-close and one-handed access

Full breast access for skin-to-skin contact


The support is mutual.

Moms are already loving it.

"Loved it. Loved the fit, gave good shape, could wear v-necks with it. Super comfy, easy to flip down and up, felt supported."
– Bettina, 42D

"Love the look! Makes me feel good and looks like a normal bra."
– Julie, 34D

Finally, an underwire nursing bra fit for moms.