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Designed To Fit

A good bra should never compromise on comfort and fit.

Unfortunately, too often these qualities are overlooked in favor of more trend and style, or what we like to call “fast fashion” which results in countless bras being discarded after just a few wears. Knowing women are wasting their money and walking around in ill-fitted bras that end up in our landfills after a few wears, drives our passion with ensuring the right fit, every time.

Early on, we mastered the craft of fitting pregnant and breastfeeding women who needed comfort the most, especially as their bodies change. Through many prototypes and body types, we applied real testimonies and global learnings to create bras that provide support and hug the body. Not only does this lead to a better fit and overall experience, higher satisfaction and fewer returns, but ultimately, it helps our consumers wear their bras longer, and helps us keep unused bras out of our landfills and reducing our environmental impact.



Simply put, we are obsessed with fit. Powered by our all-female Design and Technical Design teams, our shared challenges and frustrations with other bras drive our passion to create the best-fitting bras, with the goal of finding the perfect balance of comfort, support and style.

Bravado Designs - Designed by women
Bravado Designs - Designed by women



One-to-One Feedback Everyday

We know it’s not just about us – we listen to moms each and every day. As part of our Test Wear Program, moms around the Greater Toronto Area are invited to our head office to test wear our products over a specified timeframe and offer their invaluable feedback. Our database has grown to over 3,000 moms of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds that help to refine our designs. Whether it’s revisions to designs in development or updates to existing styles, it’s comforting to know that our products are designed by women and tested by real moms.

Bravado Designs - Test wear program
Bravado Designs - Test wear program



A World Of Knowledge

We love to talk to our moms around the world on an ongoing basis to broaden our understanding of their ever-changing needs. In the last five years alone, we’ve heard from more than 7,000 pregnant and nursing women that shared what they look for in comfort, fit and quality. We use these insights to continually improve our designs to ensure we are offering only the best products to moms.