The Comfort Your Way Giveaway

This Fall, we want to know about all the ways you stay comfortable.

HOW TO ENTER For 21 days, we’ll be asking you a question about your comfort. Answer with a photo and be entered to win. You can submit different photos for multiple entries – there’s no limit!

THE PRIZEWin the entire Body Silk Seamless Collection - up to a value of $250!

Customize your prize

Get comfy - entering is simple
The more photos you submit over the 21 days, the greater your chances to win!

  • Five lucky moms will be randomly selected to win the entire Body Silk Seamless Collection.
  • Winners can customize their prize by combining any of the following styles: Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami, Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra, Seamless Panties, for a maximum value of $250
  • You can enter 4 ways: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or simply upload your photos below. Click here for details »
  • Earn a bonus entry when you sign up for our newsletter below.

10/18/2016 to 10/19/2016
Stack of Sweaters
Day 1
Show us your most comfy sweater.
10/19/2016 to 10/20/2016
macaroni and cheese
Day 2
Share your favorite comfort food.
10/20/2016 to 10/21/2016
Day 3
Show us the person who gives you amazing comfort and support.
10/21/2016 to 10/22/2016
Day 4
What are your most comfortable shoes?
10/22/2016 to 10/23/2016
breastfeeding position
Day 5
What’s your most comfortable breastfeeding position?
10/23/2016 to 10/24/2016
mother snuggling with baby
Day 6
Snap a photo of you and baby snuggling
10/24/2016 to 10/25/2016
weekend outfit
Day 7
What’s your best comfy weekend look?
10/25/2016 to 10/26/2016
stay cozy in winter
Day 8
How will you stay warm and comfortable this winter?
10/26/2016 to 10/27/2016
your favorite comfort movie
Day 9
What’s your go-to comfort movie?
10/27/2016 to 10/28/2016
comofort music
Day 10
What’s a song or artist that brings you comfort?
10/28/2016 to 10/29/2016
comfy stuff in your home
Day 11
Show us the coziest, softest and most comfortable things in your home.
10/29/2016 to 10/30/2016
comfort beverage
Day 12
Snap a photo of your go-to comfort beverage?
10/30/2016 to 10/31/2016
most soothing color
Day 13
Show us your favorite soothing color?
10/31/2016 to 11/01/2016
most soothing scent
Day 14
What scent do you love that brings you comfort?
You can still answer previous questions!


Via Facebook: Between October 18 - November 7, post photos of your comfy moments to the Bravado Designs timeline. Use the hashtag #ComfortGiveaway and tag @BravadoDesigns

Via Instagram: Between October 18 - November 7, follow @BravadoDesigns on Instagram and set your Instagram profile to public so the post can be viewed. Use the hashtag #ComfortGiveaway and tag @BravadoDesigns when you post your photo.

Via Twitter: Between October 18 - November 7, follow @BravadoDesigns and set your Twitter profile to public so the tweet can be viewed. Use the hashtag #ComfortGiveaway and tag @BravadoDesigns when you post your photo.

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