So what makes the Bravado Designs culture truly special?

Our Company continues to grow because of the optimistic, innovative, dedicated and skilled people working at Bravado. Our team members believe in our Company’s purpose: to equip all Momkind to thrive in their most important adventures. We all strive everyday to achieve results. We are passionate in our entrepreneurial journey to be GREAT, and we hire people who share our commitment for high standards and excellent performance!

Each person’s commitment to living our values everyday is fundamental to our success in achieving our business goals, and in our alignment as team members.

We seek team members who:

  • Take personal responsibility and ownership
  • Think consumer- and customer-first
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues and in cross-functional teams to achieve better solutions
  • Identify opportunities, are proactive and take action
  • Communicate clearly with others, seeking to understand by asking and listening, and being inclusive
  • Value our brand's high standards and reputation as their own

We offer:

  • An inspiring office environment based at 60 Scarsdale Road, Unit 100, Toronto, M3B 2R7
  • Community with others who like to learn and be challenged, and who participate and have fun with regular team business events, social activities and celebrations
  • A competitive salary and benefits package including a Group RSP
  • Flexibility in our work life balance with vacation and personal time, and opportunities for hybrid work
  • Employee development
  • A fragrance-free environment – out of respect for our Moms and Babies, and team members

Our Values


Every mom knows that she can’t do it alone. We know that too. It’s only through great collaboration and a strong sense of community that we can be a great company.


We love what we do. We stay engaged with Bravado's purpose and turn positive energy into solutions, celebrating every win along the way.


We seek help when needed. We come to work everyday committed to excellence - ready to embrace challenges and move forward with determination.


Every baby is different, every mom is different and every one of us is different. By keeping an open mind and acting with empathy, we create a diverse and wonderful work environment.